The Aiki Gym


Sensei is opening up his garage and home gym to everyone – via Zoom.

Sensei has a morning routine consisting of general fitness, and either a session aimed at developing his aikido or iaido. He performs these each weekday to build his budo body, and you are invited to join in the aikido or iaido sessions. These sessions are being provided for fitness and conditioning purposes, not instruction. Therefore, only very basic instruction will be given so as to not disrupt the energy level and flow. Also note, no session will be recorded.

It is requested that everyone arrive with their camera on, so sensei can welcome you and see who is joining him that day. When the workout begins feel free to turn off your webcam if you prefer.


Morning Aikifit

Morning workout meant specifically to build your aiki body. This is NOT general fitness, but aikido drills paired with exercises and stretches meant to develop your aikido.

May occasionally use a bokken or jo. If you don’t have one, that’s fine. Wear standard workout clothes, no gi needed.

Morning iai

Morning workout specific to iaido training. We will not be doing full waza, but there will be cutting, so bring a bokken or sword. Wear standard workout clothes, no keikogi or obi needed.

Must have had an iaido class to join.


Contact sensei if you are interested in joining a session.