Way of Peace

As a budo, Aikido does not aim to inflict harm, but rather to neutralize an attacker’s energy and efforts. We achieve this by blending with and leading that energy, and then redirecting it with calm, fluid motion. The result is often the aggressor being thrown to the ground or being neutralized by a joint lock. The object is to defuse the attack, not to bring harm.

Aikido is an exemplary martial art, with many self-defense programs drawing from its teachings. But to be effective, as with any physical activity, it must be practiced, refined, understood. A self-defense is only effective if the body and mind remember. In this regard, Aikido is not a self-defense course – taken and forgotten. It is practiced, refined, lived.

Aikido is more than a physical martial art. It develops and enhances life with principles of centering, grounding, blending, relaxation, timing and positive ki. It encourages and enhances physical balance, emotional peace and mental clarity. It develops a greater sense of self, brings harmony to the practitioner, and by them, others and the environment.

Central Aikido is a proud USAF dojo, but accommodates all styles of Aikido. Proponents of ki, ki atheists, and those who don’t know what that means can find a home with us. As a campus organization, we do not seek profit and happily provide instruction to anyone regardless of race, color, nationality or ethnicity, age, physical fitness, gender, sexual orientation or religious preference. All are welcome.