Other Programs

Central Aikido focuses primarily on the training and development of aikidoka. However, it does offer other programs to enrich and expand our aikido training.


Central Aikido is a sister dojo to Seishinkan Iaido Warrensburg. Both dojo are headed by Burden Sensei and are taught at UCM.
Seishinkan Iaido Warrensburg

Zen Meditation

A branch of Central Aikido, Zen Central practices a non-denominational, Zen Buddhist inspired zen meditation (zazen), modeled mostly after the Rinzai School of Zen.
Zen Central

Kiatsu / Ki Bodywork

Central Aikido is the only aikikai dojo in the US (probably the world) to offer kiatsu as a field of study. Burden Sensei has, and continues to be trained in kiatsu therapy, as well as other forms of bodywork. Our Kiatsu Bodywork classes integrate these forms into a singular dynamic approach designed to promote health and well-being in our students through partner work and self-care. Emphasis is on parner care, self-care, relaxation, concentration, and posture for both the bodywork being studied and in daily life. It is done under the direct supervision of Burden Sensei, and only to aikidoka of 5th kyu or higher.
Ki Bodywork